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Memory foam is one of the most unique material on the planet. Its exclusive properties stem from the unusual features of its cell structure.

Europedic Memory foam mattress reacts to the weight and body temperature of user and minimizes pressure points reducing tossing and turning thereby providing undisturbed, calmer and peaceful sleep.

Europedic Mattress contours to body’s shape, weight, temperature to provide needed support and comfort one desires while at sleep.

Europedic Memory foam mattress absorbs weight of the body and reduces partner shift motion, otherwise called as “Roll Over”. Both the partners are supported equally on the mattress surface. Natural sleeping position determines the shape of the memory foam mattress. It keeps the user comfortable all night long.

A wide range of memory foam mattress are available in our collection to suit individual needs.

Europedic is the First Ever Best Memory Mattress in the Middle East.

The Europedic products are made from the finest materials in the most appropriate mix to create a premium product that truly provides unrivalled comfort and support. Unlike conventional mattresses, Europedic features temperatures and pressure relieving memory foam material sandwiched with the finest UCHDF (Ultra Cell High Density Foam) or latex core.


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