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Over 70 years of extensive experience in manufacturing quality mattresses and foundations in North America, has earned Springwall a solid reputation of trust and respect from consumers across the globe. Springwall is Canada’s No 1 Mattress. A company committed to providing the best premium sleep sets.

“The Best Value in Sleep”. We achieve this by providing quality sleep sets manufactured with fine workmanship, deliver outstanding service, lead the industry through innovation, offer unique products and endeavor to be the value leader in the bedding business for all our customers.

The same values are stringently followed by our licensed manufacturers around the world. Springwall’s products are available to an ever growing public that demands personalized comfort, exceptional quality and unsurpassed value.

Through extensive research, Springwall has established that the shoulder-to-knee region contains numerous pressure points that can lead to tossing and turning actions that could keep you awake all night. To alleviate restlessness caused by these pressure points, we developed our unique Comfort Progressive System. The Comfort Progressive System, a leading edge technology features a combination of specially zoned foams and innersprings, working in unison to enhance sleep comfort.

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