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Memory Foam

Enjoy Peaceful Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress In Dubai

Memory foam mattresses are made out of a special material that was initially meant to help NASA astronauts cushion themselves against the effects of gravity during take-off and re-entry to Earth. What truly sets these mattresses apart is the fact that these have the potential to adjust as per the bodyline of the user. These are also temperature sensitive, which means that these adapt to the weight and body heat of the person sleeping on them.

A basic feature of memory foam mattresses in UAE is that these alleviate back aches and body pain, while also helping the user enhance spine alignment. With their ability to accommodate a range of sleeping positions, these guarantee a restful and comfortable sleep for even those who have unique sleeping habits. Memory foam mattresses are also the right choice for those who struggle with allergies, as these prevent dust mites, pet dander and mould from accumulating.

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