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For more than 92 years, Spring Air has been recognized industry wide for its innovative mattresses and sleep sets.

Francis Karr, founded the company in 1926. His free-end offset coil design, which adjusts to each sleeper’s weight, is today the most copied design in the bedding industry.

Spring Air has earned a reputation over the years for continuous product improvement. Spring Air factories having established across the globe, the company is fourth-largest bedding manufacturer in the world and still leads the industry in product features and value. Spring Air has 35 international licensees that operate in 43 countries worldwide including one in UAE.

Spring Air has been Ranked #1 for Consumer Satisfaction for three consecutive years. Spring Air has set the standard for quality mattresses and sleep system. A great night’s sleep starts with a mattress that can both support the body and relieve pressure where it is needed most. Spring Air mattresses do JUST THAT with patented designs and innovations that are unmatched by any other bedding company.

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Discover a truly guiltless pleasure.

Submit your body and soul to the most luxuriously restful mattresses ever created. Your senses of sight and touch will instantly confirm the superb craftsmanship of these unique mattresses. No comfort feature has been overlooked in the design. No compromise has been made in the materials or construction.





Yorkton PT

Posture X

Posture Power

Nature’s Rest



Bellagio PT

Chattam & Wells (Euro Top)