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Seven Step Guide to Buying the Best Mattress -

  1. Buying a mattress, as we all know is not on the top of everyone’s list. Some people may never think about buying a mattress until it’s too late. But by now you have begun your search, which is why you need our help.
    • Is your bed the wrong size?
    • Do you wake up multiple times with discomfort from your mattress?
    • Is there a problem with your current mattress?
    • Take some notes on your current bed. Good and the bad.
  2. What type of mattress are you looking for?
    When buying any product it is always good to understand what you are looking for whether it be a car, shoes, furniture, or mattress. There are different benefits of each model, make, and comfort. As we all know there are Gel Memory Foam mattresses, but some would be amazed to walk into “The Mattress World” store and find 15+ different models. The main goal is to find a mattress type (memory foam, Latex, pocketed coil, bonnel, all foam) that fits your needs. Our sleep expert’s recommendation is to first start with the comfort you would like your mattress – firm or plush and then look into what premium foams fit your body the best. Each person is different, just like each foam and it is very important to get the correct one for you.
  3. Where will you buy your new mattress ?
    There are many different outlets to purchase a mattress; this is one of the hardest decisions due to all of the online venues to purchase. A more traditional mattress store like The Mattress World will make sure you feel comfortable with the Mattress Consultant who will lead you on your journey to a better night’s sleep.  For more retailers check out our store locator.
  4. How much would a mattress cost?.
    Mattress is the only piece of furniture that is directly related to your health. You will be spending (hopefully) 8 hours a night on your mattress. It is important to get something that will support your back and be comfortable.   Choose from the wide range available,  choose mattress that suites your back, comfort and also budget.
  5. DO the 15-minute snooze test inside the store.
    Mattress retailers have the beds on display for a reason. To help the consumer decide what bed they need and want. When looking for a bed, take 15 minutes and lay on the one you believe is for you. This will help ensure you don’t have to go back twice.
  6. Do I need just a mattress or the set?
    It is recommended to replace your divan bed / box spring especially if you have an older mattress. If  you decide to use your old divan bed / box spring, be sure to check your new bedding warranty to ensure it remains valid.
  7. Protect your investment.
    Don’t forget to get a mattress protector for your bedding. This ensures there will be no accidents on your mattress. A simple stain can void your manufactures warranty.