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Easy tips to sleep better at night -

Tossing and turning throughout the night or laying wide awake in bed for hours is a common struggle for many across the globe. Sleep is so important to our well being and can make the difference between feeling energised or exhausted.

Try some of these tips to help achieve a healthier, more rejuvenating sleep:

  1. Establish a bedtime ritual – it’s helpful for good sleep
  2. Keep your bedroom cool and maintain a relaxing atmosphere
  3. Reduce caffeine intake throughout the day and avoid it altogether four to six hours before bedtime
  4. Stop smoking. Reduce Nicotine intake during the four hours before bed, and don’t have any at least 45 minutes before bed
  5. Reduce stress as much as possible. If you toss and turn, get up. Try and write down all the things that are occupying your mind before you go to bed
  6. Take a warm bath before bed. It will relax your body, a few drops of lavender essential oil will relax your mind
  7. Avoid alcohol near bedtime – it causes you to wake up during the night
  8. Avoid eating late in the evening – a heavy meal too close to bedtime interferes with sleep
  9. Don’t exercise in the late evening – exercise relaxes muscles and aids sleep, but vigorous exercise just before bed may interfere with sleep.
  10. Establish a regular sleep schedule and avoid napping during the day – it keeps your biological clock going in the right direction
  11. Get continuous sleep. Identify the amount of sleep you need to be fully alert all day, and try to get that amount each night. Make up for lost sleep as soon as possible
  12. Make sure you have quality bedding – a good mattress and supportive pillows will do wonders for your sleep.